How Clare V. Streamlined Wholesale Operations and Achieved Compliance with JOOR Pay

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

I cannot say enough good things about the team at JOOR. There’s so much engagement and the platform is really responsive. Clients are very involved with the product and it’s great to give feedback and work with the JOOR teams

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
Managing Director
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

Since using the JOOR platform, we have seen our wholesale business double. JOOR is an invaluable tool that has strengthened our relationships with our retail customers and makes our day-to-day tasks easier and faster.

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

When operating a complex global wholesale business, efficiency is key to success. This case study explores how Clare V., an LA-based handbags and accessory brand, overcame  the challenges of a time-consuming, non-compliant invoicing process by adopting JOOR Pay—JOOR’s embedded checkout solution. By making the switch to JOOR Pay to handle payment collections, Clare V. achieved significant time savings, enhanced security, and streamlined their invoicing processes.

Challenges Faced: 

Jenna Pearson, Wholesale Manager at Clare V., works as a team of one as the sole liaison for JOOR, handling everything from creating styles, managing orders, and everything in between, including invoicing and follow-up for shipping. She previously relied on a convoluted system for invoicing—this process involved downloading purchase orders from JOOR, creating a mail merge at the end of each month with invoices to alert customers to confirm order readiness, waiting for responses to confirm shipment, and manually processing credit card payments. In the past, this process was arduous and time-consuming, often requiring long, 10-12 hour workdays.

Not only was this process time-intensive, but it also posed a significant compliance risk due to the storage of credit card information. The motivation for transitioning to JOOR Pay was to ensure legal compliance and gain substantial time savings.

Clare V. x JOOR Pay

Adopting JOOR Pay: 

Upon transitioning to JOOR Pay, Clare V. experienced remarkable changes in their daily operations. Jenna Pearson attests, “I keep a window with JOOR Pay open at all times, utilizing it 7 out of 8 working hours,” highlighting her commitment to adopting the new product. Initially nervous about the transition, she anticipated typical challenges associated with system changes and new products. However, she was pleasantly surprised by the JOOR Pay team's responsiveness to their feedback and ability to adapt quickly to their needs. The brand’s partnership with the JOOR Pay team was instrumental in quickly integrating the platform seamlessly into their workflow.

JOOR Pay Integrated.

Benefits Realized:

The implementation of JOOR Pay brought numerous benefits to Clare V.:


The adoption of JOOR Pay proved to be a game-changer for the lone team member responsible for managing all aspects of Clare V.’s operations on JOOR and the brand. With the platform's increased efficiency, enhanced security, and versatility, the brand was able to transform their daily operations, reduce working hours, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Their experience highlights the immense potential of JOOR Pay in simplifying complex operational processes in wholesale sales and accelerating growth in the fashion industry.

The Result

10x faster invoice processing

with JOOR Pay

5 to 6 hours

saved each month

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