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Absolut Cashmere Expands Global Wholesale Operations with JOOR

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

I cannot say enough good things about the team at JOOR. There’s so much engagement and the platform is really responsive. Clients are very involved with the product and it’s great to give feedback and work with the JOOR teams

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
Managing Director
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

Since using the JOOR platform, we have seen our wholesale business double. JOOR is an invaluable tool that has strengthened our relationships with our retail customers and makes our day-to-day tasks easier and faster.

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

Established in 2015 by French knitwear experts Olivier Criq and Jean-Pascal Candau, Absolut Cashmere started in Paris and swiftly became an international brand renowned for colorful, oversized shapes and injecting vibrant energy into the more traditional world of cashmere. This case study delves into how Absolut Cashmere found a transformative solution in JOOR, the fashion industry’s leading B2B wholesale management platform, and how this partnership propelled them to new heights in the competitive fashion landscape. It will explore how JOOR’s innovative features addressed their specific needs, optimizing opportunities and processes ranging from in-person meetings to order management and global expansion strategies.

Challenges Faced

Before JOOR, creating a sales report took a week, and placing an order took at minimum one full day of back-and-forth emails to complete. In seeking a solution, JOOR was and continues to be the ideal platform to organize, optimize, and streamline these processes, offering a suite of digital tools tailored to the intricate needs of a rapidly growing fashion brand.

How JOOR Transformed Absolut Cashmere’s Wholesale Operations

Absolut Cashmere chose JOOR for its superior technology and vast global network of over 620,000 fashion buyers. The platform allows Absolut Cashmere to create visually appealing linesheets and to showcase their brand through a virtual showroom that aligns with their brand identity.

"Before JOOR it would take at least a day to place an order. Now we can place an order in real time at our showroom and have all orders from all 32 showrooms synced in one place." - Quentin Marrou, Wholesale & Trade Marketing Manager at Absolut Cashmere

Absolut Cashmere leverages JOOR's B2B wholesale management platform

Virtual Showroom and Order Management

The ease of creating professional virtual showrooms on JOOR impressed Absolut Cashmere. This feature enhances collaboration with their customers.

As Laurence Vignot, Brand Manager at Absolut Cashmere notes, “We love how easy it is to create a professional looking virtual showroom. It allows us to keep in great contact with our customers. They can view our collections on their own time, from the comfort of their home or office.”

Invaluable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

JOOR provides valuable insights through real-time reporting, showcasing KPIs foreach region and helping Absolut Cashmere determine Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for production.

“With JOOR, Absolut Cashmere can instantly create actionable reports with just a few clicks, helping our sales reps gain real-time insights into what styles and colors are most popular in each region, enabling them to offer suggestions that cater to the wide range of tastes of our global clientele.” explains Quentin Marrou, Wholesale & Trade Marketing Manager at Absolut Cashmere

Preview of the Absolut Cashmere case study

Informative Sales Reports

Absolut Cashmere also leverages JOOR’s comprehensive sales reports to shape its new collections.

“JOOR’s sales reports allow us to see what styles and colors are trending, which influences the design of our new collections. Thanks to JOOR, our design process is a fusion of art and data, resulting in collections that truly are at the forefront of fashion.” - Laurence Vignot, Brand Manager at Absolut Cashmere

Connections and Expansion

JOOR provides in-platform opportunities for retailers to send connection requests to brands, allowing Absolut Cashmere to see which stores are interested in collaborating with them.

“We love that we are able to receive connection requests from retailers and easily go to their profile to see their location, wholesale price range, and carried brands.It helps us strategically plan our retail expansion as we don’t want too many stores in one location.” - Quentin Marrou, Wholesale & Trade Marketing Manager at Absolut Cashmere

Absolut Cashmere virtual showroom

The Results

The adoption of JOOR significantly reduced the time needed for order placement and sales reporting. Syncing orders across 32 showrooms in 25 countries became seamless, providing access to the entire inventory through JOOR’s virtual fashion showroom. The ability to create new customer records in just two minutes further expedited the brand’s wholesale processes.

Looking Ahead

Vignot, envisions a dynamic future, stating:

"As we set our sights on 2024, our collaboration with JOOR propels us towards our goal of a 20% expansion and a strategic push into the lucrative markets of the US and Asia. With JOOR as our ally, we are confident in navigating the path ahead, driven by innovation, growth, and a commitment to maintaining our position as a luxury brand."

Final Takeaways

Absolut Cashmere’s partnership with JOOR stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in wholesale management. Their adoption of JOOR streamlines their wholesale operations, offering a dynamic solution to the challenges of managing 32 showrooms and 2,000 retailers globally. JOOR’s position as the premier and largest fashion wholesale platform on the market, coupled with its robust technological solutions, elevates Absolut Cashmere to new heights, positioning it as a global fashion leader.

The Result

1 week to 1 minute

to create a sales report

Seamless syncing of B2B orders

across 32 showrooms in 25 countries

2 minutes

to create new customer records, enabling immediate order placement

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