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As the world’s premier digital wholesale platform, JOOR takes the guesswork out of wholesale management and fosters smoother, smarter selling. With advanced presentation tools, innovative technology, and real-time analytics, clients feel empowered to approach their entire wholesale process—from pre- to post-market—with confidence.


Steps to a Successful Market

JOOR  Wholesale Management Platform

Data Development

Prepare your stylesheets, linesheets, and catalogs

JOOR’s Stylesheets represent your collections and provide all the pertinent information for each of your styles, which can be uploaded in a variety of ways. Custom linesheets provide additional flexibility, and our newly enhanced catalog page, you have the ability to easily shop across linesheets with advanced filtering, grouping features, scrolling, and search functionalities.

JOOR - Are you ready for Market with JOOR

Media is a Key to Success

Images, videos, and your Virtual Showroom

Captivating media is a critical factor for success. Take advantage of sophisticated tools, such as 360° imagery and video technology, communicate your brand story and represent your product with lifelike detail. Your Virtual Showroom is an extension of your brand—engage with buyers like never before via your own B2B microsite.

JOOR Wholesale Management Platform

Mid-Market Check in

Navigating distribution channels & appointments

Streamline your communication efforts through virtual appointments—scheduling tools and embedded commenting functionality make orchestrating your market season any time, anywhere, a breeze. Manage your communication requests in-platform to identify and navigate your points of distributions with ease.

JOOR - Are you ready for Market with JOOR

Exceptional Sales Tools

Hybrid selling tools including The Edit

While you’re in market, rely on JOOR’s extensive hybrid selling tools like The Edit to create dynamic customized presentations, curate your assortments, and finalize your buys. Your Custom Profile is a true extension of your brand and offers visitors a personalized experience that they can shop 24 hours a day.

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Wrap Up the Right Way

Entering orders & reviewing analytics

Manage follow up communication and track buyer engagement once your market season has concluded. Use our data to check trends and best sellers while entering and processing orders.

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